In 1986 Tacoma Schools switched to Middle Schools and eliminated sports programs at the Junior High level. The quality of football in Tacoma High Schools took a drastic turn downwards.

In the fall of 1990, four people came together with one common goal. Each wanted the return of youth football. The group of, Bob Hunt, Rod Simmons, Valerie Weinker and Bill Westerfield, spent the winter and early spring researching what was needed to start a program in the north and west parts of Tacoma. A survey was conducted in the elementary and middle schools with an overwhelming number wanting football. Athletic Supply agreed to supply the equipment and carry the initial debt of nearly $40,000 interest free until it was paid in full.

In April of 1991 all papers were submitted to the State and Norwest Tacoma Youth Football Club was created as a charitable, non-profit organization. Norwest fielded teams 5th through 8th grades in the fall of 1991.

Norwest is dedicated in providing quality youth football with the goal of making it a very positive experience to all who tries the game whether they continue on in later years or not.

The club is a parent run organization and depends on several fund raisers annually to keep the cost of football reasonable. The first few years every imaginable fund raiser was held, and some repeated many times. By the summer of 1992 the initial debt was paid in full to Athletic Supply and the club began operating in the black. This was only accomplished by the huge parent and community support in those first crucial years.

The existence of the club and its success continues to depend on the parents and the community.

For all who try football, both boys and girls, we hope they will always cherish the memory they had while playing with Norwest.


The Founding of the Rams
Football and Cheer